Would you trust these people with your marketing needs?

You should! At Interstar, we pride ourselves on being different in a really good way. For nearly thirty years, we have defied industry conventions to get customers what they want, when they want it. We'll do almost anything to make them happy, from creating custom packaging to developing state-of-the-art, super user-friendly granular pigment dispensers.

Over the years, customers kept asking us if we could make them cool, snazzy brochures and color charts like the ones we designed for ourselves. Wanting to make them happy - and to keep our marketing crew busy (they get into trouble when they don't have enough to do) - we decided to create an official marketing service for our customers.

Et Voila! Interstar Marketing was born.

Interstar Marketing is composed of marketing experts and graphic artists who know their stuff... and yours. They truly understand the concrete industry because they have been working in it for years. They're brainy, quirky, and tons of fun (don't tell them we said that. We wouldn't want it to go to their heads).